Seniors 55+

Ministries for seniors age 55+


Be Active Live Longer (B.A.L.L.)

Be Active, Live Longer (B.A.L.L.) is Oakland's Senior Adult Ministry led by members of the group. Anyone 55 or older is welcome to attend B.A.L.L. luncheons and activities.

B.A.L.L. meets the second Wednesday of each month from September through June, usually in the church multi-purpose room, to enjoy a covered dish lunch, fellowship and hear about topics ranging from missions to church events. On special occasions, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, a themed meal may be offered at a special time.

Music Ministry 1

Music Ministry

Oakland's Music Ministry has groups for various age groups and styles of music, but the porpose remains the same: to bring honor, praise and glory to God in worship. Worship Pastor Ryan Carter oversees the ministry, assisted by other directors and volunteers.

Missions 1


Oakland is involved in mission opportunities throughout the world each year—through giving their time, as well as their offerings.

Locally, we have participated in community projects such as collecting classroom supplies and food for weekend meals for students, and gathering Thanksgiving baskets for those in need. Oakland organized High Power Soccer, reaching into the community, working on skills and sharing the gospel with as many as 100 youngsters and their families each summer.