What to expect

The Message

Oakland's pastor focuses the messages on real life issues and helps connect them with practical Biblical solutions. We want you to be able to say that what we talked about on the weekend gave you something that could help you on Monday: in your family, at your work, with your life. 

At the core of it all is the fact that God has made all of us to live with purpose. It's definitely not about religions; it's about relationship with God. It's not about pretending that we're perfect, it's about a God who is willing to show us His grace and help us to change and grow.

The Music

We all like different styles of music, so Oakland strives to provide music with the power to speak to the heart and not to individual preferences! We want to both encourage and energize people toward a time of unhindered and undistracted praise. And above all, we want God to be honored through our worship and for all those present to connect with Him in a new exciting way each week.

What Do I Wear

It's about feeling at home. So just dress comfortably! If you like the casual look, you'll fit right in, but if you're into the dressy thing on Sundays, you'll see some of that here too. We're just concerned with how we can help with your real life needs and not with what you wear.